Welcome to be Member of ICSMEE

Business networks is a valuable resource which could help you expand your business, learn from the success (or failure) of others, win new clients or contracts, and gain friendship to enhance your business.

ICSMEE Malaysia will continue to recruit resourceful individuals who can make significant contribution to ICSMEE, its members and SMEs at large.

They include:
– Policymakers
– Researchers
– Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners.
– Business Educators.
– Promoters of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development
– Media in the area of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development
– SME Financiers, Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors.
– NGOs.

How You Benefit from ICSMEE and ICSB?

The following membership benefits will be provided to you as a member:

  1. Arrangement for you to participate in international and regional level conferences, events, and other forums to increase awareness and opportunities.
  2. Dissemination of conference proceedings, research reports and policy statements that fit in with the mission of ICSMEE Malaysia
  3. Commissioning, in partnership with various institutions, of research on entrepreneurship and small business.
  4. Frequent press releases/promotional activities in line with the overall goals of ICSMEE Malaysia, its advocacy/policy positions as well as approaches.
  5. Development and dissemination of Affiliate communication tools such as newsletter and website.
  6. Distribution of membership products from the International Office such as the Journal of Small Business Management (e-Journal).
  7. Publish/Co-publish/Sponsor a Journal/Practitioner publication for the benefit of the members.
  8. Updated Affiliate membership database for members’ access.

How to Become a Member of ICSMEE?

There 3 types of membership:

  1. Individual.
  2. Corporate.
  3. Student.
  4. Honorary.

The FEE for each type of membership is as follow:

NOTE : A member (Individual or Corporation) who have made significant contribution to entrepreneurship and small business development over time can be awarded an Honorary Membership, without any fees.

USD 65.00 / RM260.00 (ICSB)
USD 80.00 / RM320 .00 (ICSMEE)
USD 300.00 / RM1200.00 (ICSB)
USD 160.00 / RM640.00 (ICSMEE)
USD 25.00 / RM100.00 (ICSB)

* Note: Price listed is based on exchange rate USD1 = RM4. Kindly refer to current exchange rate for exact charges in RM.