Who Are We?

The International Council for SMEs and Entrepreneurship, Malaysia (ICSMEE Malaysia) is the Affiliate of International Council of Small Business (ICSB).

ICSB is a recognized international entrepreneurship and small business research membership organization, bringing together leading researchers, entrepreneurs, business practitioners, business educators, bankers, business financiers, policy makers together with other agencies and professionals in the field.

ICSMEE Malaysia’s membership also comprises those groups of stakeholders, thus enabling the use of research to inform policy formulation and suggest a range of relevant activities aimed at fostering entrepreneurship and small business.

In collaboration with local and international universities, and  relevant Government Agencies, ICSMEE Malaysia will compliment Government’s initiatives in the development of local Entrepreneurship and SMEs, thus contributing to higher employment and further spur Malaysia’s economic growth,

Our Vision

To advance entrepreneurship and accelerate the growth and development of small business in Malaysia, through sharing of updated knowledge and comprehensive experience of ICSB’s global networks.

Our Mission

To serve as a professional body for individuals and organisations promoting entrepreneurship and sustainable success of small businesses for humanity.

Our Objectives

On-Going Research

Encourage on-going research in the field of entrepreneurship and small business through cross-border collaboration

New Approach

Explore new approach and collaborative model to drive entrepreneurship to next level.

A Learning Platform

A learning platform for students and new start-up, by exposing them to leading thinkers and practitioners all over the world.

Collaborate With Institutions

Collaborate with institutions involved in promoting entrepreneurship.

Conferences & Events

Participation in international conferences & events to increase awareness in international best practices.

Platform For Business

Platform for business owners, researchers, educators and policy makers to exchange ideas.

Advocate SMEs

Advocate the formation of small business as a mean for economic growth and human prosperity.

Platform For Cooperation

Platform for cooperation and dialogues with ICSB Chapters in neighboring countries.